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Ellee Achten

For me, making images is about being present. It's about time. It's about catching a moment that tells a story, has a voice, creates space for a memory to exist for a lifetime. Whether it's photographing a political rally, a jazz concert, a couple in love, a brand new addition to the family, a groom the moment he sees his bride, or the complexity and simplicity of the landscapes around us, this work is as precious to me as each second that counts out our lives.

Though I'm a graduate from the New York Institute of Photography, and have trained at the Tidewater Visual Arts Center, most of my education has come directly from each client over the years and their unique vision of the world. From the subjects for local newspaper and regional magazines, from each author and musician, from every single portrait session, I've learned that collectively all of our moments add up to an infinite number of lifetimes.

If you have been waiting to hire a professional lifestyle photographer to capture your cherished memories, don't wait any longer, it's about time

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